Reduce Waste In Your Lagoon

By Lianne Derocco

Typically, the word lagoon conjures up images of a tropical paradise. However, for those in the livestock industry, a lagoon has a far less idyllic ambiance. Livestock lagoons are man-made basins where animal waste is managed and treated.

However, if these lagoons are not maintained properly, it can pose serious health risks for both the animals as well as the nearby human population. Fortunately there are safe, effective and natural ways to maintain these waste systems. These products can greatly reduce the toxic environmental impact of raising livestock.

For example, one easy-to-use product is the AgraSphereLGT. This lagoon treatment product will activate the liquefaction of waste solids and reduce the odor as well as reducing the amount of flies. In addition, it can improve the nutrient value of manure for use in the growing of crops.

This special sphere is completely biodegradable and uses a mixture of helpful bacteria which work to dissolve the waste. Once you toss in a sphere, it immediately begins to go to work and each sphere will last for a full 30 days. Once the month is up, just toss in new spheres. The amount of spheres you need depends upon the number of gallons in your lagoon. One sphere can treat up to 400,000 waste gallons, so just add enough to accommodate your gallons. You cannot over treat, so do not be concerned if you have a little bit more sphere than you need.

When crusting is excessive and a bit out of control, you need to find a product that will quickly reduce the crusting and activate the liquefaction product prior to beginning a monthly course of AgraSphereLGT treatment. Activator Plus LGT works with the same types of bacteria and is ideal for treatment when a lagoon is overloaded with this harmful sludge and crust.

Neither product is harmful to people or livestock and both have been approved by qualified veterinarians. Both the Activator Plus and the AgraSpheres offer farmers great, chemical-free alternatives for waste treatment. This creates a healthier farm which is not only better for the animals but for the local population as well.

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